Diễn Viên Giselle Amore

Giselle Amore

Spanish-speaking glamor puss Giselle Amore is a petite powerhouse from the West Coast who loves showing off her tatted hot body in a skimpy bikini. Following her camming popularity, the former dancer found her way into hardcore porn territory, where she has since gained a reputation for her erotic foot jobs and lesbian content. With a small waist, tight ass, and big, perky boobs that are 100% natural, Giselle is sure to steal the attention in any scene, while her bombshell good looks and vivacious sex drive make this porn starlet one of the major up-and-cumming contenders in the biz. When she isn’t busy shooting smut, Giselle likes to stay in shape by hiking, pole dancing, and going to the gym, and the bespectacled babe enjoys winding down after a day of romping around on set by listening to live music or playing video games. The busty nymph is also a fantastic cook and a talented singer! Check out beautiful starlet Giselle in her sexy scenes down below!

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